Pacific Entomology Conference 2017,  Featuring the Hawaiian Botanical Forum

We are excited to announce that the Pacific Entomology Conference, now featuring the Hawaiian Botanical Forum, has been rescheduled for December 5-7, 2017! 

The Hawaiian Entomological Society and the Hawaiian Botanical Forum are partnering to leverage common resources and cross‐disciplinary content to make this conference a great success. Participants will be able to submit presentations and/or attend talks for either discipline! Symposia will be presented on:

pollinators, forest health, restoration, climate change impacts, molecular tools to address invasive species, palm pests, mosquitos, rat lungworm,

biological control, and biosecurity.

The theme of the 2nd Hawaiian Botanical Forum is “Hawaiian Forest Restoration in the Face of Climate Change”.

Hawaiian Botanical Forum Summary

2017 Botanical Forum Informational Flyer

Support for the Pacific Entomology Conference, featuring the Hawaii Botanical Forum is made possible by the following sponsors:

   - DLNR - Division of Forestry and Wildlife

   - Monsanto Hawaii 

   - DuPoint Pioneer Hawaii 

   - Hawaii Botanical Forum


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